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Exclusive Services

Our range of services can be tailored to provide you with the training and experience that YOU, the customer feel best serves your needs. From a simple consultation, learning the basics to preparing to take advanced instruction from other instructors, sessions to improve your mechanics for performance at a match or qualification, we are here to help you improve.

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Book a consultation to identify your training wants and needs. We will discuss safety, mindset and the context in which you want to train. We will create a baseline of your skills and set goals that you wish to attain. Together we will create a personalized training plan for you.



Personalized Training Session

A personalized training session will be time spent learning and developing various skills identified in a consultation. Whether you are a beginner and wish to begin learning the fundamental skills or a more experienced person who is looking to refine skills not yet mastered. Through the use of video and technology based feedback as well as discussion you will see improvement when you put in the work. 

$100 first hour

$50 each additional hour


Skills Check and Performance Tracking

This is geared to the person who wishes to improve their performance specifically for a match or a qualification. We can work on your mechanics and find areas to improve or refine your performance.. Video feedback and timers can be used to show before and after results and times recorded for your information. Law Enforcement who wish to improve their mechanics for qualification are welcome.

$100 first hour

$50  each additional hour


Advanced Training Workup

For the person who wants to attend training for specific skills (Pistol Red dot, carbine skills etc). We will help you build a foundation for the skills required for attending a class so you can enjoy and get the most out of your experience and investment. The customer can provide information about a course they are interested in taking and we will help them understand and build the basic skills they would need to take the class. We can also help you by showing you classes available for advanced training that may interest you.

$100 for the first hour

$50 each additional hour

5 ​     NRA Classes

Certified NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor. Learn the basics of these platforms. Shooting qualification is done with Universal Training Munitions NLTA (Non Lethal Training Ammunition). NLTA firearms and ammunition provided.

Email for individual and group pricing

6      Introduction to Shooting Group Session

You and up to three friends can book a private safety and fundamentals session. A session starts with firearm safety then moves on to the basics of shooting in a no pressure atmosphere. Shooting activities progress from basic target shooting and learning how the gun behaves to friendly competition at close range targets. Universal Training Munitions NLTA firearms and ammunition are provided and utilzed. 

Email for pricing and availability.

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