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Welcome to OPS Training

Committed to Excellence

For people that go through the effort to become responsible firearms owners who then realize that the process did not provide adequate training for safe and competent firearm handling. Finding your way can be somewhat intimidating and frankly mysterious at times.

O'Brien Practical Solutions Training offers a personalized approach to help you achieve proficiency. We identify your needs, explore options, and use nationally recognized standards, such as NRA instruction where appropriate, to go beyond basic requirements.

Our program is geared toward newer shooters and focuses on building fundamental skills that lead to advanced proficiency in a way that is tailored to you. You will enjoy gaining knowledge and skill to handle firearms safely and confidently, develop basic skills to prepare for advanced instruction, and learn techniques to refine and maintain acquired skills.

Serving Rockland County, New York, and surrounding areas. Thanks, and best of luck on your firearms training journey!

-Train in a context that is relevant to your lifestyle.

-Start learning that "You don't know what you don't know"... and changing that!

-Improve your mechanics and manipulations

.Personalized training for you.

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